Have you been considering researching and investing in a Continuous Monitoring System like CIMScan?

Let us help you hone in on the benefits and why a Continuous monitoring system is a good fit for you.

  • Saves Money & Time & Increases Efficiency
    Save on labor by freeing up time for employees that would have to manually record data and create intricate reports. Save on inventory by alerting key personnel to issues before your assets are affected. Employees can be more efficient by focusing on their jobs.
  • Protects Inventory
    Be alerted to a potential problem ahead of time. Address issues with equipment before your inventory is affected.
  • Promotes Safety
    Prevents human error and keeps employees and patients safer.
  • Ensure Compliance and Simplifies Reporting
    Easily convert high volumes of data into practical information which allows you to remain in compliance easily with your own as well as federal protocols. Choose a template report or create your own. Reports are user friendly and offer easy customization.

It’s that simple. Contact CIMTechniques about the CIMScan monitoring system today.

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Overview of the CIMScan Monitoring System

CIMScan monitoring system is incredibly easy to configure and use and can …

  • Monitor just about anything including temperature, humidity, airborne contaminants, water quality, laboratory equipment, energy and water consumption, weather instruments, production information, just to name a few.
  • Receive measurement data via a LAN or the Internet from a single appliance to hundreds of sensors in multiple facilities scattered throughout the globe.
  • Alert the appropriate personnel to abnormal conditions by local alarm or via email, text message, pager, and voice telephone
  • View current measurement values and see trends from anywhere using a simple web browser or a smart phone.
  • Record measurement data as well as hourly statistics for later recall and analysis.
  • Generate Reports required by management and auditors.