Posted on monitoring temperature and humidity in the hospital pharmacyHospital environments require secure, 24/7 monitoring to maintain drugs, vaccines, blood and tissues, and critical medical devices within specified temperature and humidity ranges. Environmental monitoring, especially for temperature and humidity, are critical for maintaining safety, purity and efficacy. Humidity measurement can be especially challenging and important in procedural rooms, neonatal areas, and areas used for drug compounding. While there is no single regulator for hospitals and clinical environments, there are several state regulators and accreditation agencies that make recommendations. Temperatures must be controlled and recorded to ensure that predetermined conditions are maintained according to stability data and manufacturer’s instructions. The key to compliance with hospital cold storage and clinical trial area monitoring in hospitalsregulations is the ability to respond to, record and report on conditions in controlled environments. CIMScan continuous monitoring system allows key personnel to receive alerts if any environmental parameters go out of specification or if sensor communication with the system is lost. If humidity or temperature go out of range personnel will be notified immediately so that the adjustments can be made before there’s a problem. And CIMScan doesn’t stop at humidity and temperature we can add a countless number of other environmental factors for monitoring such as door ajar status, particle counts, or any other things you may need monitored   This solves the problem of having to schedule checks of the monitoring equipment. CIMTechniques CIMScan software is browser-based and accessible from any network location. Reports are customizable and easily exported to a spreadsheet format for analysis and manipulation. Reports are easy to generate on demand making the auditing and accreditation processes easy. CIMScan continuous monitoring system ensures easily accessible and accurate records for all of your critical hospital environments, including but not limited to:  
  • Hospital pharmacy refrigerators and freezers
  • Blood and tissue sample refrigerators and freezers
  • Cold rooms, cleanrooms and laboratories
  • ORs and procedure rooms temperature, humidity and differential pressure
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