“A refrigerator is ONLY as good as the temperature monitoring system inside” – CDC

Vaccine monitoringDepending on your facility and application vaccines can be stored a variety of different ways: short term cold storage for use in clinics or long term pharmaceutical warehousing storage before distribution and any and everything in between.

According to the CDC improper storage and inconsistent temperature, both cold and warm, is the most common cause for loss of vaccine potency and effectiveness. The Centers for disease control has recommended temperature monitoring for any facility that handles vaccines, their recommended handling is laid out in the Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit.

CIMScan. Simple. Scalable. Cost effective.
CIMScan Monitoring System was designed to be the BEST solution for your vaccine storage monitoring.

Cimscan can be easily installed and integrated with equipment that you may already have. The system will be set up to handle any number of monitoring points and additional points can be effortlessly added as your needs or facility grows.

Multiple facilities can be monitored remotely 24/7. When any of your critical assets fall out of range your key personnel are notified immediately so that corrective action can be taken before your assets are affected. CIMScan can do all of this and remain compliant without having to dedicate an employee’s valuable time to manually record data or download data from a data logger. All of the information will be recorded and stored in real time and reports can be easily generated and customized for internal use or for compliance with regulatory agencies.

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