Wireless Monitoring SystemWhen implementing a wireless system, the true challenge we all face is maintaining reliable communication. Millions of wireless devices like wifi, RFID, wireless instruments, etc are all operating in the same two unlicensed bands (900 MHz or 2.4 GHz). The potential for interference is only increasing. As an industry leader for 20 years CIMTechniques has learned what it takes to create affordable and reliable solutions.  Solutions that none of our competitors can match.

-CIMScan wireless devices have output power levels which can be adjusted to 40 or 158 mW (900 MHz) and 10 or 100 mW (2.4 GHz with external antenna) to effectively punch through almost any interference.

-CIMScan offers external antennas that increase the effective radiated power by a factor of three.

-CIMScan utilizes a proven technology called Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) which allows OUR sensors to automatically switch frequencies to find a clear channel. (See the section on Spread Spectrum Technology in the paragraphs below.)

In some cases, our wireless components may be more expensive than our competitors but our value-added time-tested solutions offer peace of mind and reliability. Your critical assets are our top priority.

Contact us for more information on pricing or options for your critical environment. CIMScan can be completely customized to your needs.