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CIMTechniques’ New Website & Blog Keeps You Up To Date On Critical Environment Monitoring Technology

The new CIMScan website has a host of features, including an informative blog, product details and specifications, application guides and much more. The new site is easy to navigate, and importantly simplifies finding the best monitoring solution. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Oct. 21, 2013 - CIMTechniques has completely re-designed the CIMScan website ( The new website aims to make it easier for customers, and partners, to obtain support information, upgrades, and generally maintain a free flowing communication channel with CIMTechniques. The website is also structured to provide new users with the information they need to quickly determine the best monitoring solution to meet their requirements. [caption id="attachment_1464" align="alignleft" width="264"]CIMScan[/caption] The CIMScan monitoring system is quite sophisticated yet it appears elegantly simple in its ease of configuration and use. The system finds application in a variety of markets where reliability and accuracy are of paramount importance. CIMScan’s straightforward architecture has the flexibility to allow the use of the entire range of remote data acquisition and sensor components across multiple applications in the same system. This keeps the cost down while improving quality. Walker Petroff, Founder & CEO of CIMTechnics, Inc, explained the need for the new website redesign "Since we installed one of our first Cleanroom monitoring systems at NASA’s space facility in Cape Canaveral, we have been providing innovative solutions for keeping an eye on critical applications in pharmaceutical, semiconductor, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and medical device manufacturing. The latest version of our flagship CIMScan monitoring system embodies what we have learned over 20 years in a completely web-based system. Numerous innovations make CIMScan second to none in ease of use, accuracy, reliability and maintainability. However, unless we have a vehicle to communicate our achievements, our efforts have been wasted. The old website was static and difficult to keep current and relevant. The new website not only provides us with a showcase for our products, but also gives us an additional means of dialog with monitoring system users, so that we can continue to be innovative and responsive to their needs." About CIMTechnics: CIMTechniques is a South Carolina corporation that has been in operation since 1992. The company has evolved to become the technology leader, through innovation, in markets and applications that serves companies and institutions where quality and reliability matter most.