Just about anything, located anywhere, can be continuously monitored at low cost using a CIMScan cloud-based server, third party instrumentation, and the Internet. Instrumentation is readily available that can be used to monitor the following:
Temperature & Humidity
Dew Point
Wind Speed and Direction
Airborne Particles
AC or DC Power/Current/Voltage
Water Levels, Pressure, and Flow
Distance or Displacement/Levels
Noise and Vibration
Dissolved Oxygen
Dissolved Chlorine & Ammonia
Suspended Solids/Turbidity
Toxic or Combustible Gasses
Carbon Monoxide
Free Chlorine or Ammonia

Almost all 3rd party sensors have analog outputs (4-20 ma or 0-5V) which can easily interface to CIMScan using a PD-17B data acquisition unit. Many instruments communicate using Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP protocols. These devices can be tied directly to a CIMScan DA-07 Remote Device Controller. Converters are readily available to allow a Modbus master (DA-07) to communicate with instruments using other protocols.
Access to the Internet can be through a variety of means. If it’s available, direct connection to a service provider can be had using inexpensive DSL modems. Another possibility is to use the cellular telephone network via a cellular modem. If land line or cellular service is not available at the monitoring site, a private wireless network can be used as bridge to a telephone network. If none of these is available, Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite communications can be used (available in late 2016).
For web based environmental monitoring system and more, choose CIMScan today.