The accuracy of temperature sensors used to monitor the environment where critical materials are stored during pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution must be verified at least once a year. This is easily accomplished at the ambient temperature by comparing the value produced by the sensor with the temperature read by a recently calibrated precision instrument. Generally, the difference between the two is added to the value in the monitoring system to “offset” the final value so that the two agree.

This approach is fine, but what if the ambient temperature shifts by a few degrees up or down? Will the same offset apply, or has the calibration of the monitoring system’s data acquisition unit changed due to component aging? You’ll never know unless you place the sensor in a test chamber and vary the temperature up and down, comparing the sensor’s measurements with a precision instrument that measures the temperature inside the chamber. This can be a time consuming task, especially if the temperature sensor is 20 feet up on a pallet rack in a warehouse. Time is money, and if “3-Point” calibration needs to be performed in 50 sensors in a large warehouse, the cost can skyrocket.

CIMScan’s new EZcal system provides a fresh approach that significantly reduces the time and effort required to calibrate warehouse temperature and temp/humidity sensors in the field. The method is quick, straightforward, and accurate — simply replace the existing sensor probe with one that has been fully calibrated.

This is made possible because CIMScan’s CQ and CZ sensors all have built-in data acquisition units that produce digital values in engineering units (°C for example).

To use EZcal, all you have to do is order the number of sensors you need to replace the ones in your facility from our pool of fully refurbished and recalibrated units. Each sensor is provided with a 3-point calibration certificate and a full one-year warranty. After receiving the sensors, simply unplug the old ones and plug in the new, then send the old sensors back to CIMTechniques so they can be tested, refurbished, recalibrated, and placed back in the EZcal pool. You will, of course, receive a rebate for the sensors that have been returned and are in working order.
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