Monitor temperature and much more to help ensure patient safety while reducing operating cost.

  • A single GMP-Compliant Monitoring System can keep tabs on a small clinic to an entire hospital system. This includes continuous temperature monitoring in the laboratory, blood bank, pharmacy and a host of other departments to help meet regulatory and accreditation requirements.
  • Completely web-based laboratory monitoring system that includes blood bank monitoring and can be hosted on your server or ours
  • Can be accessed from anywhere using a simple web browser or smart phone
  • The super effective refrigerator monitoring system can save tens of thousands of dollars by detecting impending failure of a refrigerator containing pharmaceuticals or blood products
  • Detects abnormal conditions and sends alerts via email, text, pager or voice telephone
  • Contains powerful analysis and reporting tools along with user customizable reports
  • Fully user configurable/maintainable
  • Complete line of wired and wireless plug-n-play sensors