CIMScan provides a completely web-based monitoring system that can continuously keep an eye on just about anything located anywhere an Internet, Cellular, or Satellite (in development) connection is available. The system can be hosted on your server or ours in the Cloud.

  • Can be used to implement air and water quality monitoring systems with a wide variety of available instrumentation
  • Can also be used for indoor air quality monitoring, which includes temp and humidity monitoring, airborne particle monitoring (dust), CO, CO2, and VOC monitoring.
  • Can be accessed from anywhere using a simple web browser or smartphone
  • Meets or exceeds the monitoring requirements set forth by the EPA and other worldwide government regulators.
  • Detects abnormal conditions and sends alerts via email, text, pager or voice telephone
  • Contains powerful analysis and reporting tools along with user-customizable reports
  • Built around a standard SQL database and is scalable from a few monitoring points to thousands
  • Fully user-configurable and maintainable
  • A complete line of instrumentation is available or interface with 3rd party devices via analog signals or using the Modbus protocol


  • Water Levels in Lakes, Reservoirs, Rivers and Streams
  • Liquid Levels in Storage Tanks
  • Water Flow in Rivers, Streams, and Canals
  • Air and Water Temperature
  • Flow of Water, Oil, and Effluent in Pipes
  • Pumping Station Operation (status (on/off), flow, temperature, power)
  • Load/Strain on Bridges, Dams, Docks, Buildings, etc.
  • Air and Water Pollution/Contamination Levels
  • Solar & Wind Generator Operation
  • Geothermal Activity
  • Temperature & Radiation at Nuclear Waste Disposal Sites
  • Temperature and Methane Levels in Landfills
  • Telecommunications Relay Sites
  • Unattended Weather Stations (temperature, relative humidity, dew point, wind speed/direction, rain/snow fall, light levels)

Tell us what you want to monitor and we will send you a list of third party instrumentation suppliers that can meet your needs.