Continuous Monitoring SystemOne benefit of Choosing CIMTechniques is adaptability. We have designed the CIMScan Web-based Monitoring
System to be completely customizable and flexible.  Our systems can meet regulatory requirements in multiple
markets. We are ISO-9001/2008 certified and employ processes that meet GAMP guidelines. CIMScan is fully GMP compliant and meets all requirements set forth in 21 CFR Part 11. This means ease of compliance, risk reduction and cost control.

We offer our easy to use web-based system that can be used in multiple markets to record a limitless number of factors such as temperature, humidity, door ajar status, particle count.

Learn More About Some of the Markets That We Serve:

Healthcare alone covers the gamut of possible uses for our CIMScan system, clinics, labs, pharmacy, vaccines, food, facility maintenance and data centers just to name a few. Our healthcare applications show the flexibility of our CIMScan monitoring system and the system is totally scalable any addition buildings, labs, freezers or refrigerators can be added to an existing system with ease.

Regulated Warehouses and Distribution Centers:
CIMScan provides a fully GMP compliant environmental monitoring system, designed for regulated warehouses. This can be pharmaceutical and medical supplies, food, beer or wine. Just as with all of our markets the reach is much broader than you may realize and CIMScan’s flexibility makes it possible to remotely monitor you warehouse temperature, humidity and even water leaks without having to step foot in your warehouse.

Unattended Sites:
CIMScan provides an easy way to monitor any unattended sites you may have and do so from anywhere at any time. Let CIMTechniques and CIMScan monitoring system do the work so that you can have peace of mind about your currently unattended warehouse, property, disposal site, storage tanks. Once again, the possibilities are endless and CIMScan is to be your eyes and ears to free up your time. Simply receive a notification, let CIMScan be the solution, before there is even a problem.
CIMScan can monitor:

Flow in pipes
Water levels in lakes, reservoirs, streams etc
Load/strain on bridges
Energy consumption
Liquid levels in storage tanks

Tell us what you want to monitor and we will tell you how simply CIMTechniques can create a customized, scalable and affordable solution for you.

Regardless of what industry you are in the CIMScan benefits remain constant:

-Detects abnormal conditions so that they can be address before your critical assets are compromised
-Completely web based, multiple sites are accessible anywhere at any time
-Meets or exceeds regulatory requirements, and automatically maintains records
-Scalable, customizable and easily integrated with any existing hardware

These benefits mean: Compliance, Risk reduction and Savings

Contact Us Today and we will customize a system that works for you.