Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT) is a way of expressing the overall effect of temperature on perishable goods during storage and transportation. It is calculated in CIMScan using the generally accepted formula shown below.


Prior to CIMScan release 6.0.5814, the remote devices (monitoring station and eLinks) calculated a single partial MKT value once an hour and sent it to the server. The equation for this value is shown below.


The disadvantage of this approach for calculating MKT is the fact that the same number of samples needs to be acquired every hour. With the 6.0.5814 release, the number of samples can vary from hour to hour because the server can now accept the partial sum and the number of samples as separate values.


The server stores these values in an MKT table in the database and then uses them to calculate the MKT over any hourly period of time.

When the server generates a report containing MKT, it sums the Partial1 and Partial2 values over the period of the report and divides them according to the equation shown at the beginning of this document. This produces an average of which the natural log is taken. This value is negated and divided into the Activation Energy divided by the gas constant. This produces an MKT value for the period of the report.

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