CIMScan is routinely used to implement a facility monitoring system that will help keep your entire enterprise humming along while significantly reducing operation cost.

  • Includes completely web-based energy monitoring system and utilities monitoring system, which can be hosted either on your server or ours
  • Can be accessed from anywhere using a simple web browser or smart phone
  • Meets or exceeds EPA requirements and those from other regulatory bodies for Air and Water Quality Monitoring
  • Automatically maintains records for auditors
  • Detects abnormal conditions and sends alerts via email, text, pager or voice telephone
  • Contains powerful analysis and reporting tools along with user-customizable reports
  • Built around a standard SQL database and is scalable from a few monitoring points to thousands
  • Fully user-configurable and maintainable
  • Complete line of both wired and long range battery powered wireless sensors

Monitor the Environment in …

  • Data Centers
  • Network Closets
  • Locations where sensitive materials are stored (Libraries)
  • Public Areas to Ensure Indoor Air Quality
  • Manufacturing areas to meet OSHA requirements
  • Parking Garages for Air Quality

Monitor Equipment used for …

  • Emergency Power Generation
  • Traffic Signal Controllers
  • HVAC System Operation
  • Level and pH in Chillers

Monitor The Status of …

  • Water Consumption in Buildings
  • Energy Consumption in Buildings
  • Solar, Wind, Geothermal Power Generation
  • Levels in Remote Storage Tanks
  • Operation of Pumping Stations
  • Discharge Air & Water Quality

Incredible Flexibility