CIMScan is highly scalable from just a few monitoring points to thousands. Each numeric monitoring point can have a measurement value ±1,000,000,000,000 with measurements as low as 0.0000000000000001 without loss of precision. The system allows any unit of measure to be assigned to a monitoring point. If measurements are initially generated at one unit of measure, they are automatically changed to the appropriate unit of measure when the measurement is received at the server. This means that a CIMScan system can monitor just about anything for which a sensor or instrument exists.

Any number of sensors (transmitters or instruments) can be attached to a CIMScan system through any number of remote device controllers or monitoring stations. The diagram below illustrates the I/O device architecture.


The CIMScan server is organized by one or more Departments containing any number of Groups with an unlimited number of monitoring points in each. The diagram below shows this structure.


The system supports any number of simultaneous users. Each user can be granted access to one or more Groups in one or more Departments. This, of course, is under strict User ID/Password control.