It is impossible to develop an effective conservation plan and stay on it without accurate information. CIMScan provides this in an easy to use web-based monitoring system that you can access from virtually anywhere using a simple web browser. The system will automatically alert you via email, cellular text message, pager, or voice telephone if it determines that your target consumption will be exceeded.

Develop A Conservation Plan and Stick to It

Develop your conservation strategy by first determining your energy/water consumption and identify peak periods as well as times when consumption is minimal. Use this information to develop an achievable conservation plan including monthly consumption targets. Configure CIMScan to alert you when it determines that these targets may be exceeded. This will allow you to take corrective action or modify your conservation plan to be more realistic.

Identify areas where improvements can be made
Set consumption baselines so that effective conservation plans can be implemented
Identify changes in consumption and determine what triggers them

Maximize the Use of Energy from Non-Commercial Sources
Compare consumption from commercially produced energy with that produced by renewable sources to minimize cost Shift loads to times where renewable energy is more available

Get Everyone Involved in the Conservation Process

  • Setup energy conservation competitions
  • Have people identify areas where energy can be saved
  • Display conservation activity in building lobbies for all to see

Manage Energy and Water Consumption

  • Be alerted that demand limits are being approached
  • Know you projected consumption to better negotiate rate schedules

Take Charge of Demand Billing

Commercial users on demand billing can use CIMScan’s data and analysis tools to determine when consumption peaks occur and shift these to off-peak times. Users can also configure CIMScan to automatically alert them if their programmed Peak Demand is about to be exceeded.

Know Your Projected Consumption to Better Negotiate Rate Schedules

Identify Billing Errors

Billing mistakes happen. Compare the total consumption recorded by CIMScan during a billing period with your utility bills to identify errors.

Monitor and Reduce Energy Consumption at Multiple Remote Sites

A single CIMScan system can continuously monitor virtually any number of remote sites located anywhere on the planet. These could be an array of branch banks, apartments in a high rise complex, or individual buildings on a collage campus.

See How Your Consumption Compares with Others

Compare your consumption with other buildings of similar size and construction using the US EPA’s Energy Star® program