CIMScan Continuous Monitoring SolutionImagine vaccines stocked for flu season, embryos frozen for fertility treatments, new pharmaceuticals being formulated… how do you insure that your critical assets are safe even when you go home for the night. The Answer: A Continuous Monitoring System.
Monitoring software continuously scans variables such as temperature, pressure and humidity and they can even monitor the health and power of any given storage device.

Data is stored for analysis and compliance, there is no need for manual logging or downloading information as is often the case with data loggers, which are often times the cheapest option when first researching a monitoring system.

The most important feature is real time monitoring and alarming. The second that any variable is out of range all predetermined personnel will receive a text/email/phone call, whichever is best for you. So that potential issues can corrected before critical material is damaged or lost.

The CIMTechniques CIMScan system is your complete 24/7 monitoring solution.

  • Monitors any variables, i.e. humidity, pressure, airflow, door ajar status
  • Can be installed to accommodate unlimited growth of your facility regardless of size
  • Real time monitoring from anywhere at anytime
  • Easy software and hardware installation and integration and user friendly
  • Keeps you compliant
  • Can store at least 12000 measurements even if communication with the server is lost for some reason

Contact CIMTechniques today to learn more about CIMScan monitoring system and we can work with you to customize a solution specifically for your needs.